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    The newly remastered Jubilee Edition of the Jerusalem-Yerushalayim double album, to mark the Southern Hemisphere premiere of a specially abridged version of the oratorio at the 2022 Australian Jewish Choral Festival.
    cover art: Le Commencement by Blandine van Noordt-Grauer
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1. THE KING OF SALEM (Melchizedek) PRELUDE Adam Shet Enosh Keinan Mahalal’el Yered Hanokh Metushelach Lamekh Noach [Genesis 5 / 1 Chronicles 1:1-4] Shem Arpakhshad Shelah ‘Ever Peleg Re‘u S’rug Nachor Terach Avram [Genesis 11 / 1 Chronicles 1:24-27] Avram, Leave your country and your people, and your father’s house to a land I will show you. I will make of you a great nation, I will bless you... I will bless them that bless you, I will curse them that curse you, in you shall all the families of the earth be blessed. [Genesis 12:1-3] Lift your eyes and look around you north, south, east, west, all this land I will give to you and your seed. I will make your seed as the dust, so if a man can number the dust, then your seed can also be numbered, numbered. Walk through the length and breadth of the land, for I will give it to you. [Genesis 13:14-17] Blessed be Avram by El-Elyon, (the most high God,) maker of heaven and earth: And blessed be El-Elyon (the most high God,) who delivered your enemies into your hands. [Genesis 14:19-20]
2. ON MOUNT MORIAH (Abraham & Isaac) Fear not, Avram: I am your shield and your very great reward. ADONAI Elohim, what will you give me? See you have given me no child and so another shall be my heir. This man shall not be your heir, but rather one from your own body shall be your heir. Look now towards heaven and count the stars if you can number them, so shall be your seed. I am ADONAI who brought you out of Ur-Kasdim to give you this land. [Genesis 15:1-5,7] I am El-Shaddai. Walk before Me and be perfect... Your name no longer shall be Avram, but your name shall be Avraham; I have made you father of many nations, kings shall come from you, and to your seed I give this land. [Genesis 17:1,5-6,8] How can a man have a child when he is an hundred? Shall Sarah bear a child when she is ninety years old? Sarah shall bear you a son: you shall call him Yitz’chak! [Genesis 17:17,19] Avraham! Here I am. Take now your son, your only son, whom you love, go to Moriyah, and offer him there as a burnt sacrifice on a mountain I shall show you. My father, Here I am, my father, Oh, my son, I see the fire and the wood; but where is the lamb? Oh my son, God will give Himself a Lamb. Avraham! Here I am. Do not lay your hand on the boy, for now I know that you fear God, for you have not withheld your son, your only son. ADONAI Yir’eh I by Myself have sworn, says ADONAI, for you have not withheld your only son, as you have done this I will bless you now, and multiply you as the stars of heaven, and in your seed shall all nations be blessed, for you have listened and obeyed My voice. [Genesis 22:1-2,7-8,11-12,14,16-18] Yitz’chak Ya‘akov – Isra’el Y’hudah [Tamar] Peretz Hetzron Arni [Ram], Admin Amminadav Nachshon [1 Chronicles 1:34, 2:1,4-5,9-10]
3. BLESSING AND CURSING (Moses & the children of Israel) I carried you on eagles’ wings... Now obey My voice and be My people. [Exodus 19:4-6] O give thanks to the LORD, for He is good, for His mercy lasts for ever; [Psalm 136:1] You shall not oppress a stranger: you know how it feels to be a stranger. [Exodus 23:9] O give thanks to the God of gods, for His mercy lasts for ever; [Psalm 136:2] Six years you shall sow and gather in; But the seventh year the land must rest... [Exodus 23:10-11] O give thanks to the Lord of lords, for His mercy lasts for ever. [Psalm 136:3] Blessed in the city, blessed in the field, blessed when you come in, blessed when you go out. [Deuteronomy 28:3,6] To Him who alone has done great wonders, for His mercy lasts for ever; To Him who by wisdom made the heavens, for His mercy lasts for ever; To Him who spread out the earth on waters, for His mercy lasts for ever; To Him who made great lights, for His mercy lasts for ever; The sun to rule the day, for His mercy lasts for ever; The moon and stars to rule the night, for His mercy lasts for ever; [Psalm 136:4-9] If you will not listen: Cursed in the city, cursed in the field, cursed when you come in, cursed when you go out. ADONAI will bring you and your king to a nation which you nor your fathers have known, And you shall become a byword to the nations... And you shall be few once again... Just as He rejoiced, so will He destroy... ADONAI will scatter you among the nations... And there you shall find no rest... [Deuteronomy 28:15-16,19,36-37,62-65] To Him who struck down Egypt’s firstborn, for His mercy lasts for ever; and brought Isra’el out from among them, for His mercy lasts for ever; With mighty hand and outstretched arm, for His mercy lasts for ever; To Him who split apart the Red Sea, for His mercy lasts for ever; And made Isra’el pass through the middle, for His mercy lasts for ever; But drowned the Pharaoh with his army, for His mercy lasts for ever; [Psalm 136:10-15] When these things have come on you, the blessing and the curse, and you return: ADONAI will bring you out of all nations... [Deuteronomy 30:1-3] To Him who led His people through the desert, His mercy lasts for ever; To Him who struck down great kings, His mercy lasts for ever; Yes, He who killed powerful for kings, His mercy lasts for ever; Sichon, the Amorite king, His mercy lasts for ever; And ‘Og the king of Bashan, His mercy lasts for ever; And gave their land a portion, His mercy lasts for ever; To Isra’el His servant, His mercy lasts for ever; [Psalm 136:16-22] See, on one hand, life and good, on the other, death and evil... blessing, cursing, therefore choose life! that you may love the LORD... that you may live in the land... [Deuteronomy 30:15,19-20] Who remembers our misery, for His mercy lasts for ever; Rescues us from our enemies, for His mercy lasts for ever; Who gives food to all things that breathe, for His mercy lasts for ever; [Psalm 136:23-25] As an eagle opens out her wings... As an eagle carries her young... As an eagle carries on her wings... [Deuteronomy 32:11] O give thanks to the God of heaven, for His mercy lasts for ever. [Psalm 136:26]
4. A HOUSE FOR THE LORD (David) DANCE Salmon (Rachav) Bo‘az (Rut) ‘Oved Yishai David [1 Chronicles 2:11-12,15 / Ruth 4:13,20-22] Give thanks to ADONAI, call on His Name... ...His word to a thousand generations! [Psalm 105:1,8] I will not go home, nor go to my bed – until I find a place for ADONAI; I will not sleep, nor will I close my eyes – until I find a house for the Mighty God of Ya‘akov. [Psalm 132:3-5] Give thanks to ADONAI, for He is good, His mercy endures for ever, Amen! [1 Chronicles 16:34,36] See, now I live in a palace of cedar, but the Ark of God is kept in a tent! Will you build an house for Me? I took you from tending sheep. I will establish your son, I will establish his kingdom, he will build Me an house, I will establish his throne for ever. I will be his Father, and he shall be My son. Who am I, ADONAI? and what is my family? yet this is a small thing to You, You speak of a great while to come... What more can I say to You, LORD? for You know Your servant David! [2 Samuel 7:2,5,8,12-14,18-20] Great is ADONAI and greatly to be praised in the city of our God, holy mountain, Fair in elevation, joy of the whole earth! Northwards, Mount Tziyon, city of the great King! [Psalm 48:1-2] They that trust in Him shall be as Mount Tziyon, which cannot be shaken, but will always stay! As the mountains are about Jerusalem, so the LORD is round about His people always! [Psalm 125:1-2] I have greatly sinned, (the people numbering,) please put away my sin, I did a foolish thing. Three years’ famine? Three months’ war? Or three days’ plague from the LORD? Let me fall into the hand of the LORD, but not the hand of man. Enough! stay your hand! Was it not I who commanded the people to be numbered, but they, what have they done? I have sinned. Let me have this threshing-floor that I may build an altar for the LORD. I will buy it for the full price, I will not take what is yours, nor make burnt offering without cost. This is the house of the LORD God, and this is the altar for Israel! [1 Chronicles 21:8,12-13,15,17,22,24, 22:1] Shout for joy to ADONAI, all the earth, Serve the LORD with gladness, come to Him, singing, Know that ADONAI is God, He made us, We are His people, the sheep of His pasture. Enter with thanksgiving, into His gates, Go into His courts with praise, and bless His Name: ADONAI is good, His mercy endures, And His faithfulness to all generations! [Psalm 100] Give thanks to ADONAI, call on His Name... ...His word to a thousand generations! [Psalm 105:1,8] Give thanks to ADONAI, for He is good, His mercy endures for ever. Amen! [Psalm 106:1,48]
5. CALLED BY MY NAME (Solomon) Give thanks to ADONAI for He is good, for His mercy lasts for ever! [Psalm 118:1 / 2 Chronicles 5:13] I was glad when they said unto me: We will go into the house of the LORD. [Psalm 122:1] ADONAI said He would live in thick darkness, but I have built a house for You. I have chosen Yerushalayim that My Name shall be there. [2 Chronicles 6:1-2,6] Pray for the peace of Jerusalem... [Psalm 122:6] But will God live with men on earth? for the heavens cannot hold Him! how much less this house I have built! If the stranger come and pray in this house, then hear and do: that all people may know Your Name. Arise, O LORD... [2 Chronicles 6:18,32-33,41] Give thanks to ADONAI for He is good, for His mercy lasts for ever! [Psalm 118:29 / 2 Chronicles 7:3] If My people, called by My Name will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from wickedness, Then will I hear from heaven, and forgive, and heal their land. I have chosen this house, that My Name may be there for ever. But if you turn away... then this house I will cast aside. [2 Chronicles 7:14,16,19-20]
6. THE KING OF BABYLON & THE DESOLATIONS OF JERUSALEM (Jeremiah & Ezekiel) Jerusalem, return to Me! [Jeremiah 3:1 – see also Isaiah 44:22 / Jeremiah 3:22 / Jeremiah 4:1 / Hosea 14:1 / Malachi 3:7] I remember you, the kindness of your youth, you followed Me into the wilderness... [Jeremiah 2:2] If you make your oppression cease – shedding innocent blood, and following other gods – I will make you live in this place, in the land I gave to your fathers for ever, Is this house which bears My Name become for you a den of thieves? [Jeremiah 7:6-7,11] Shlomo Rechav‘am Aviyah [1 Chronicles 3:5,10] (Natan) (Mattatah) (Manah) (Mal’ah) Jerusalem, return to Me! If you will not listen to Me, walk in the Torah which I have set before you, I will make this house like Shiloh, I will make this city a curse among the nations, You shall die for you have said this city shall be desolate! – Then you will bring innocent blood on you! [Jeremiah 26:4,6,8-9,15] You have not listened, so I shall send for N’vukhadretzar the king of Bavel, and I will destroy you, no sound of laughter turn you to ruin, no voice of bridegroom and you shall serve him no noise of millstone seventy years. [Jeremiah 25:8-11] Jerusalem, return to Me! Jerusalem, O Yerushalayim! When you were born, you were not washed or dressed, no one pitied you, you were thrown into the field. When I passed, I saw you lying in your blood, “Live” I said to you, you shall grow and grow and grow, [Ezekiel 16:2,4-7] Asa Y’hoshafat Yoram ‘Uziyahu Yotam Achaz Hizkiyahu [1 Chronicles 3:10-13] (Elyakim) (Yonam) (Yosef) (Y’hudah) (Shim‘on) (Levi) (Mattat) (Yoram) Jerusalem, return to Me! Now when I passed again it was the time of love, a covenant with you then I made, and you were Mine, I washed away the blood, anointed you, clothed and crowned you, and you were very beautiful! But you trusted in your beauty, played the harlot, woe to you! So I will bring your lovers against you. [Ezekiel 16:8-13,15,37] This is the day: no sound of gladness the king of Babylon no voice of bride is come against no light of candle Yerushalayim. [Ezekiel 24:2 & Jeremiah 25:10] Woe! How alone!... M’nasheh Amon Yoshiyahu Y’khanyahu [1 Chronicles 3:13-15] (Eli‘ezer) (Yeshua) (Er) (Elmadan) (Kosam) (Addi) (Malki) (Neri) Jerusalem... How alone! widow, alone! [Lamentations 1:1] When the seventy years are done at Babylon, I will bring you home. [Jeremiah 29:10]
7. SEVENTY ‘WEEKS’ (Daniel & Gabriel) If I forget you, O Jerusalem... my tongue may it cleave to the roof of my mouth. [Psalm 137:5-6] My soul thirsts for God, for the living God: when shall I come and appear before God? My tears have been my meat day and night, while they continually say unto me, “Where is your God?” [Psalm 42:2-3] O Lord, great God, keeping covenant and showing mercy to them that love Him, to them that keep His Word; we have sinned, and rebelled, neither have we listened to Your prophets, who spoke to us our kings, our fathers, all the people: O Lord, hear, O Lord, forgive, O Lord, listen and act! O Lord, ADONAI, righteousness belongs to You, but shame belongs to all of us; we have sinned against You, men of Y’hudah, Yerushalayim, all Isra’el, wherever scattered by You, O Lord, hear, O Lord, forgive, O Lord, listen and act! As in the Torah of Moshe, all this evil is come on us, O Lord, we have done wrong, let Your anger turn from Jerusalem O Lord, hear, O Lord, forgive, O Lord, listen and act! O God, hear me, cause Your face to shine upon Your sanctuary; see our desolations, we plead with You for Your great mercy, delay not, for Your city and Your people bear Your Name. [from Daniel 9:4-19] Daniel, Seventy ‘sevens’ for your people and your city to finish the transgression, to make an end of sin, and atone for iniquity, to bring in everlasting good, seal vision and prophecy, to anoint the Most Holy. Know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to rebuild Yerushalayim unto Mashiach the Prince shall be seven ‘sevens’, and sixty-two ‘sevens’: the street and the wall shall be built again, even in troubled times. After sixty-two ‘sevens’ shall Messiah be cut off (with nothing) and the city and sanctuary shall be destroyed by people of a prince to come, and its end shall be with a flood, desolation to the end of war. And he shall strengthen the covenant for many, one ‘seven’, and in the middle of the ‘seven’ he shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering; abomination shall cause desolation... [Daniel 9:22,24-27]
8. THE WALLS OF JERUSALEM (Cyrus to Nehemiah) Koresh king of Persia: The LORD God of heaven has given me all the kingdoms of the earth and has charged me to build Him an house at Jerusalem. Who is there among you of all His people? let him go up to Jerusalem and build the house of the LORD God of Israel, in Jerusalem. [2 Chronicles 36:23, Ezra 1:2-3] Run to this young man, say that Jerusalem will be inhabited without walls, for the multitude of men and animals, I will be a wall of fire, and I will be the glory within her! [Zechariah 2:4-5] Be strong, build the house! [Haggai 1:8, 2:4] My house shall be built! I will return to Yerushalayim with mercies. [Zechariah 1:16] I, Daryavesh, have made a decree. [Ezra 6:12] The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a contrite heart, God, You will not despise. In Your good pleasure make Tziyon prosper, rebuild the walls of Yerushalayim! [Psalm 51:17-18] Artach’shashta, king of kings, to ‘Ezra the cohen, I make a decree that all they that are minded to go to Jerusalem: they shall go with you; silver and gold they shall bring to make offering. [Ezra 7:12-13,15-17] Why do you look sad? You are not sick; this is sorrow of heart. Why should I not look sad? when the city of my fathers lies waste, and the gates are burnt up with fire? What is your desire? O send me to the city of my fathers, that I may build it! [Nehemiah 2:2-5] You see our distress: how Jerusalem lies waste, and the gates burnt up with fire; come, let us build the wall of Jerusalem! Let us rise and build! [Nehemiah 2:17-18] They that sow in tears... When the LORD brought home exiles of Tziyon, Then were we just like a people dreaming, Then our mouths were filled with our all laughing, And our tongues with singing, Then went out the word among the nations, “Look! the LORD has done for them such great things!” Yes! for us ADONAI has done great things! And we are rejoicing. Sh’althiel Z’rubavel [1 Chronicles 3:17-19 / Ezra 3:2 / Nehemiah 12:1 / Haggai 1:1] Bring us home, LORD, like a desert streaming, They that sow in tears, in joy are reaping, They, who carrying precious seed, went, weeping, joyful, sheaves home shall bring. [Psalm 126] (Avihud) (Elyakim) (‘Azur) (Tzadok) (Yakhin) (El’ichud) (El‘azar) (Mattan) (Ya‘akov) (Yosef) (Reisha) (Yochanan) (Yodah) (Yosef) (Shim‘i) (Mattityahu) (Machat) (Naggai) (Hesli) (Nachum) (Amotz) (Mattityahu) (Yosef) (Yannai) (Malki) (Levi) (Mattat) (Eli) (Miryam) Hodu L’Adonai ki tov, ki l’olam chasdo!
9. Hosanna! 10:37
9. HOSANNA! Yeshua [salvation] Break into joy, sing together, you waste places of Jerusalem, for the LORD has comforted His people and redeemed Yerushalayim, All the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God! Behold My servant, He shall be exalted. So disfigured was He to see. [Isaiah 52:9-10,13-14] Listen to Me, you that seek the LORD, look to Avraham your father, and Sarah, For the the LORD will comfort Tziyon and make her wilderness like Eden, joy and gladness, and the voice of of melody. [Isaiah 51:1-3] Awake, awake, put on your strength, put on your beauty, O Yerushalayim, Shake yourself from the dust, arise, sit down, set yourself free, O daughter of Tziyon, for you have sold yourselves for nothing, you shall be redeemed without money! [Isaiah 52:1-3] Hoshanna! Hoshanna! [Psalm 118:25] He will cover, cover you with His feathers, under His wings... [Psalm 91:4] Rejoice, o Daughter of Zion and shout O Daughter of Jerusalem! Behold your King coming to you lowly, riding on an ass, and on a colt, an ass’s foal, He comes to you, just, and with salvation. [Zechariah 9:9] Open to me the gates of salvation. See the stone which the builders refused is become the chief cornerstone. Jerusalem! Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the LORD. Baruch haba b’shem ADONAI. Hoshanna! Hoshanna! [Psalm 118:19,22,26,25] He was led as a lamb to the slaughter but He opened not His mouth He was cut off from the land of the living. [Isaiah 53:7-8] Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me, in You I put my trust, in the shadow of Your wings, [Psalm 57:1] He will deliver you from snare and from calamity, He will cover you with feathers, refuge under His wings [Psalm 91:3-4] O give thanks to the LORD for He is good, for His mercy lasts for ever [Psalm 118:29] My righteous servant shall justify many, He has poured out His soul unto death... [Isaiah 53:11-12] O give thanks to the LORD for He is good, for His mercy lasts for ever Therefore My people shall know My Name, that I who speak, here I am! [Isaiah 52:6] INTERLUDE
10. MANY DAYS WITHOUT A KING Tziyon shall be ploughed under like a field, Yerushalayim become a heap of ruins. [Micah 3:12] O God,... If I forget you, O Jerusalem, O let my right hand wither away! [Psalm 137:5] how long? They cast fire into Your sanctuary. We see no signs: how long? [Psalm 74:7,9-10] If I do not remember you, O Yerushalayim, O let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth. [Psalm 137:6] how long? And the mountain of the Temple a hill of woods. [Micah 3:12] Woe! woe! woe! Hope in God, for I will yet praise Him for He is my Deliverer, and my God! [Psalm 43:5] They have defiled Your holy Temple, and turned Jerusalem into rubble. [Psalm 79:1] Hope in God, for I will yet praise Him for He is my Deliverer, and my God! O send out Your light and Your truth, let them lead me unto Your holy hill and to Your tabernacle. Then will I go unto the altar of God, unto God my exceeding joy, yes, upon the harp will I praise You, O God my God! [Psalm 43:3-4] O LORD, how long? [Psalm 90:13]
11. IN THE VALLEY OF DRY BONES Can a woman’s tender care cease towards the child she bare? Yes, she may forget, it’s true, yet will I remember you. [Isaiah 49:15] Our bones are dry, our hope is lost, and we are cut off! Prophesy to these bones: Hear the Word of the LORD! I will make breath enter you, you shall live so that you know I am ADONAI, I will put sinews and flesh and skin on you so that you know I am ADONAI. Prophesy to the wind: Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these dead, that they live! I will open up your graves and bring you to the land of Is’rael. You shall know that I am ADONAI. [Ezekiel 37:11,4-6,9,12-13] When Israel lived in their own land, they defiled it by what they did... so I scattered them among the nations: so was profaned My holy Name! I do this for My holy Name’s sake, so the nations shall know that I am the LORD. I will gather you from all nations. Then I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you shall be cleansed... a new heart I will give you... a heart of flesh, and I will put My spirit in you... and you shall live in the land I gave your fathers... [Ezekiel 36:17,19-20,22-28] There shall yet old men and old women live in the streets of Yerushalayim; and the city shall be full of boys and girls playing... Halleluyah! I will bring My people from the East and from the West... [Zechariah 8:4-5,7] O how good it is to sing praises to our God; It is sweet and right to praise Him: Halleluyah! ADONAI is building up Yerushalayim; He is gathering in the outcasts of Is’rael. Halleluyah! He is healing the broken heart; He is binding up their wounds, oh, Halleluyah! ADONAI is counting up, one by one, the stars; He is calling them all by name: Halleluyah! [Psalm 147:1-4] O give thanks to ADONAI, the LORD, for He is good, for His mercy lasts for ever and ever. Halleluyah! [Psalm 107:1]
12. A HOUSE OF PRAYER FOR ALL PEOPLE Pray for the peace of Jerusalem... [Psalm 122:6] LORD, God of Avraham, Yitzchak, and [Y’]israel, let it be known this day: that You are God in Israel, and I am Your servant and have done all this at Your Word. Hear me, O LORD, hear me that this people may know: You are the LORD God and have turned back their hearts to You! [1 Kings 18:36-37] The fig tree puts forth its green figs. [Song of Songs 2:13] As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you; and you shall be comforted in Jerusalem. [Isaiah 66:13] Sing and rejoice, O daughter of Zion: for, lo, I come, and I will live among you. And many nations... shall be my people:... the LORD shall choose Jerusalem again. [Zechariah 2:10-12] See, I make Jerusalem a cup of trembling, a heavy stone, though all the nations of the earth be gathered against her… I will pour on the house of David and those who live in Yerushalayim a spirit of grace and prayer; they will look on Me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for Him, as for a son. [Zechariah 12:2-3,10] And on that day His feet shall stand upon the Mount of Olives. [Zechariah 14:4] You will arise, and have mercy on Zion; for the time to favour her; yes, the time is come. When ADONAI builds up Tziyon, then He will appear in His glory: oh, Halleluyah! [Psalm 102:13,16] He sends the springs into the valleys, which run among the hills: there’s water for the animals, and a place for the birds to sing. He makes the grass to grow for cattle, and crops for you and me: here’s wine for gladness, oil for healing, and bread to make us live! How many are Your works, O Lord, in wisdom You made them all. Your riches are throughout the earth and in the deep blue sea. The glory of the Lord endures, He delights in all His works. And I will sing unto the Lord, and praise Him while I live! [Psalm 104:10-12,14-15,24-25,31,33] Shout for joy and sing to the Lord! You who thirst... and you without money... come... I will bring them to My holy mountain. My house shall be called a house of prayer for all people. Come, buy wine and milk for nothing! Come, buy, and eat! [Isaiah 55:1 & 56:7] Baruch haba b’shem ADONAI [Psalm 118:26] Then shall living waters stream out from Yerushalayim, Then shall ADONAI be king of all the earth, and only Him. [Zechariah 14:8-9] ‘A city of truth’ [Zechariah 8:3] Then Jerusalem shall they call the throne of ADONAI; All the nations shall be gathered to Him, to Jerusalem. [Jeremiah 3:17] ‘ADONAI Tzidkenu’ ‘The LORD our righteousness’ [Jeremiah 33:16] O give thanks to ADONAI, for He is good, for His mercy lasts for ever and ever. [Psalm 107:1] Re‘uven, Y’hudah, Levi. Yosef, Binyamin, & Dan. Shim‘on, Yissakhar, Z’vulun. Gad, Asher, & Naftali. ‘The LORD is there’ ‘ADONAI Shamah!’ [from Ezekiel 48:31-35]
CODA – THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM Though the mountains be removed... Yet My covenant of peace shall not leave you... Sing, O barren... great shall be your children’s peace. [Isaiah 54:1,10,13] Jerusalem, the voice of weeping shall no more be heard in her, the voice of crying no more. [Isaiah 65:19] Comfort, comfort... Jerusalem, proclaim to her that her warfare is over... [Isaiah 40:1-2] The LORD upon this mountain will make a feast for all peoples... ADONAI- Tzva’ot (the LORD of hosts) [Isaiah 25:6] I will lay foundations and your walls with precious stones... [Isaiah 54:11-12] The shroud upon all nations here will the LORD destroy... [Isaiah 25:7] ADONAI ELOHIM (the Lord GOD) I will walk among you, and My people you shall be. [Leviticus 26:12] He, swallowing death in victory, will wipe away all tears from all faces... [Isaiah 25:8] ‘immanu-El [Isaiah 8:8] The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, the lion shall eat straw... They shall not hurt nor destroy on all My holy mountain... [Isaiah 65:25] Be glad in His salvation, our God, we will rejoice! See, this is our God; we have waited for Him, and He will save us... we have waited for Him, we will be glad and rejoice in His salvation. ADONAI [Isaiah 25:9] I create new heavens, and a new earth... [Isaiah 65:17] And in Jerusalem I will rejoice! Yerushalayim! [Isaiah 11:9 / 65:19]


Jerusalem-Yerushalayim – an oratorio for our times

The eyes of the world today are so often focused directly on Jerusalem. More than any other city, Jerusalem has captured hearts and imaginations around the world and continues to reflect the turbulent emotions of our troubled times. The city of Jerusalem has a complex, multi-layered history stretching back thousands of years, and continues today to be the literal and symbolic convergence of many, often conflicting, aspirations. Jerusalem – placed at the centre of the world on mediaeval maps – a crossroads between Asia, Europe, and Africa. Jerusalem – occupied by Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, Ottomans, British etc. Jerusalem – the scene of central events in Jewish history and in the Christian gospel – and now home to Jewish, Christian, and Islamic holy sites. While today’s media story is of division and hopelessness, the Bible tells an extraordinary story with a much longer perspective – a story of incredible hope that begins in Genesis with the wanderings of Abraham, and extends from these Semitic roots to a vision of lasting peace for all people, starting in Jerusalem.

The composer Antony Pitts was inspired to begin sketching an oratorio that would tell, simply but powerfully, the Biblical story of Jerusalem – to audiences familiar with both great classical oratorios and popular musicals, and regardless of denomination or religious background, cultural perspective or political viewpoint. The result is an oratorio-musical with a libretto based on texts from the Tanakh (the “Old” Testament*) laid out in a narrative order, and with the ancient Hebrew names for familiar Biblical characters and places (e.g. Avraham) – and thus the double-barrelled title of the work, Jerusalem-Yerushalayim. The Biblical story of the city is told through twelve windows or snapshots in which Jerusalem is either the subject or the background; mirroring the four quarters of Jerusalem’s ‘Old City’, these are divided into four sections of three movements: the city in patriarchal times; the city as the capital of Israel and then of Judah up to its destruction by Nebuchadnezzar in 586BC; the city rebuilt under occupation until its destruction by the Romans in 70AD; the city as prefigured by prophets and unfolded in history; and a coda looking forward to Isaiah’s vision of the wolf living together with the lamb.

The libretto was compiled by the composer and is drawn as directly as possible, given the limitations of English translation and the musical setting itself, from Biblical texts – texts which are both historical and prophetic, full of archetypes and resonances, and are at the same time about real people with their dreams, tragedies, and hopes. The music is new, but has strong historical echoes including familiar Western musical references such as Tallis’s Lamentations of Jeremiah, Purcell’s My Beloved spake, Handel’s Zadok the Priest, and Parry’s I was glad – as well as various resonances from far outside the classical canon. In terms of practicality and approachability, and even structure, Jerusalem-Yerushalayim is modelled on Handel’s Messiah, and designed for widespread use: by professional vocal ensembles or amateur choirs, or a mix of both – with SATB soloists and flexible accompaniment fully realized with an eclectic ensemble of trumpet, (modern or Baroque) flute, saxophone (alto doubling tenor), three violas, (electric) double bass, harp, piano, organ (with optional harmonium), and percussion (crotales, cymbals, woodblock, tambourine, and three frame drums).

Unusually, the first part of the oratorio to be completed was the conclusion – the choral coda entitled The Peace of Jerusalem. It was premiered by the Choir of London, conductor Jeremy Summerly, in Israel in April 2007, and has since had performances in the UK by TONUS PEREGRINUS at the London Festival of Contemporary Church Music, by the Elysian Singers under the direction of the composer in the City of London, and by The Song Company in Australia in 2017. TONUS PEREGRINUS recorded the coda for Hyperion on an album called Alpha and Omega, and in June 2008 gave the world première of the complete oratorio at Opera Fringe in Down Cathedral, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland – to a standing ovation. The revised and expanded version of the oratorio was recorded in October 2011 – TONUS PEREGRINUS was joined by Aldeburgh Young Musicians, the chamber choir Londinium, and the Tiffin Boys’ Choir, and a cast of soloists including Robin Blaze, under the direction of Joanna Forbes L’Estrange, Ben Parry, and the composer Antony Pitts, with Alexander L’Estrange – closely followed by the U.S. premiere in May 2012 which was given by Choral Arts Cleveland under conductor Martin Kessler in the presence of the composer.

The original double album was remixed with narration by David Suchet and a remastered Jubilee Edition is released in 2022. In March 2022 the Southern Hemisphere première of two solos from movements 6 and 7 was given by the contralto Emma Warburton in Melbourne, followed in June 2022 by a specially-abridged version of the oratorio as the focus of the Australian Jewish Choral Festival in Sydney – performed by soloists from The Song Company with the Festival’s Creation, Connection, and Challenge Choirs.

*names in brackets in the libretto are supplied from later sources, namely Matthew 1 & Luke 3


released June 2, 2022


conducted by Joanna Forbes L’Estrange, Ben Parry, and Antony Pitts
(with Alexander L’Estrange, Jonny Gee, Matthew Dickinson)

Joanna Forbes L’Estrange – soprano (Gabriel)
Rebecca Hickey – soprano (Elijah)
Lisa Beckley – soprano (Jeremiah)
Raphael Pitts – treble (Isaac)
Edan Umrigar – treble (Jacob)
Kathryn Knight – alto (Ezekiel)
Alexander L’Estrange – countertenor (Daniel)
Robin Blaze – countertenor (Nehemiah)
Benedict Hymas – tenor (David)
Richard Eteson – tenor (Micah)
Nathan Vale – tenor (Melchizedek)
Alexander Hickey – tenor (Solomon)
Alex Knight – bass (Abraham)
Francis Brett – bass (Moses)
Nick Flower – bass (Cyrus etc.)

Hannah French – flute
George Parry – trumpet
Andy Williamson – saxophone (with Hylton Mowday)
Drew Balch – viola
Anna Hughes (AYM) – viola
Imogen Parry (AYM) – viola
Anneke Hodnett – harp
Paul Ayres – harmonium/organ
Antony Pitts – piano
Matthew Dickinson – percussion
Jonny Gee – electric double bass (with Alexander L’Estrange)

Joanna Forbes L’Estrange, Rebecca Hickey, Lisa Beckley, Jo Goldsmith-Eteson – soprano
Kathryn Knight, Fiona Clark, Geraldine Mynors, Karen Pitts – alto
Alexander L’Estrange, Robin Blaze, Christopher Field – countertenor
Richard Eteson, Benedict Hymas, Nathan Vale, Alexander Hickey, Paul French – tenor
Alex Knight, Francis Brett, Nick Flower, Jeremy Birchall – bass

Fiona Clark, Kathy Dallas, Yvonne Light, Natasha Price, Claire Samson, Helen Statham – soprano
Andrei Caracoti, Sophie Morrison, Alison Shiers, Frances Watson – alto
Alex Bates, Will Drake, Jeremy James, Gareth Moss – tenor
Chris Lemar, Dan Miller, David Stocks, Maurice Wren – bass
Rosemary Pitts – soprano
Anne Webster, Helen Williams, Verity Pitts – alto
Peter Roberts, John Pitts, Duncan Knowles – bass

Ollie Appleby, Will Appleby, Gabriel Brookes, Tom Dunne, Stefan Frost, Joe Gooding, Gurnam Grewal, Daniel Henderson, Anish Khanna, Alexander Kirkup, Tom Mitchell, Karlis Pauzers, Jong-Hoon Seo, Will Sharp, Matthew Stevenson, Edan Umrigar
chorus master: Simon Toyne

recorded by Daniel Halford & Richard Bland
produced by Ben Parry, Alexander L’Estrange, Antony Pitts
with Daniel Halford, Joanna Forbes L’Estrange, Richard Bland
24-29/10/2011, Memorial Chapel, Charterhouse, Godalming
with many thanks to Mark Shepherd (Director of Music) and the staff at Charterhouse
and to Cliona Doris (harpist for the world premiere in Down Cathedral), and to William Flower
edited/mixed by Antony Pitts at Golden Radio
originally mastered by Guy Denning and Antony Pitts at The Granary Studio, Lamberhurst and The Welcome Stranger, Flimwell
with assistance from Nick Flower, Joanna Forbes L’Estrange, Thomas Pitts, Matthew Dickinson, and Geoff Miles
remastered by Hylton Mowday & Antony Pitts at We Love Jam, Sydney, and Golden Radio with Emma Warburton

with narration by David Suchet
Selected verses taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version ® (Anglicised), Audio Edition
(Narrated by David Suchet)
Audio Copyright ℗ 2013 by Biblica, Inc.
Used with permission. All rights reserved worldwide.
Holy Bible, New International Version ® (Anglicised), NIV ®
Copyright © 1979, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.
Used with permission. All rights reserved worldwide.
The “New International Version” is a trademark registered in the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and United States Patent and Trademark Office by Biblica, Inc. The “NIV”, “Biblica”, “International Bible Society” and the Biblica Logo are trademarks registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office by Biblica, Inc. Used with permission.


all rights reserved




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